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Established: 2006

7930 Jones Branch Drive Suite, 310 McLean, VA 22102 United States

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iPlace is the largest company providing professionally managed recruiting services for companies throughout the world. We are the fastest growing and are widely recognized as the highest quality of global recruiting companies. We have 120+ clients and 900+ employees. iPlace has recruiting centers in India and the Philippines, and our headquarters is in McLean, Virginia, USA.

iPlace can rapidly roll out and scale sourcing and recruiting teams in response to the hiring needs of large staffing firms and corporations. Because of our recruiting industry expertise and transparency, we serve as trusted business advisors to our clients. Through “recruiting done right” we form long-term partnerships built on being dependable and delivering proven ROI.

Areas Covered:


List of Product/Service Offerings:

iPlace’s clients augment their in-house sourcing and recruiting operations using iPlace’s Recruiting Factory. Some clients outsource their entire sourcing and recruiting operations to iPlace. Our clients are responsible for providing job orders and account management (working with candidates and hiring managers) after the candidates are submitted by iPlace.

Sourcing: Delivering the candidates that get your recruiters more placements.

Recruiting: High-quality and cost-effective scaling of your recruiting operations.

Total Talent Management Solutions: Comprehensive and flexible talent management solutions that lower your costs.​

Value Proposition:

Our sourcers and recruiters leverage the capabilities of our Recruiting Factory to deliver the best candidates.