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Daniel Bloom & Associates, Inc., The Change Maestro, can assist you in the application of the language of business to HR enabling you to empower your organization with result-oriented, purposeful solutions to the table.

Overall Mission Statement:

Assists organization’s with the creation of empowered change strategies which are customer centric, organizationally aligned and quality based in your organization.

List of Product/Service Offerings:

TLS Continuum Toolbox Webinars

  1. How to Build an HR Center of Excellence
  2. Busting the Big Data Myth in HR
  3. Avoiding the generational collision in the workplace
  4. How to resolve the Perception Dilemma in the Workplace
  5. How to Identify the varied roles of human capital in the workplace
  6. Solving the HR Dilemma- Seeing HR as a System
  7. How to Bring new levels of Employee Empowerment to your organization
  8. Delivering Results-Oriented Solutions that Empowers Organizational Change
  9. In Plain Sight: How to Find and Eliminate Organizational Inefficiencies
  10. The Keys to Project Dynamics and Team Essentials
  11. How to construct an Ishikawa Fishbone Diagram
  12. 10 Strategies to Guide Organizational Change

Our service offerings answer the voice of the customers in designing our service package.

  • Human Resources – With over 30 years experience in the HR field, our team can assist you with a wide variety of human resource related services.
  • Talent Management – We offer both custom and off-the-shelf learning and development offerings both online through webinars and extended online courses.
  • Change Management – In this age of VUCA (Volatility-Uncertainty-Chaos-Agility), HR needs to make the transition from being at the organizational business to being in the organizational business. We can help you develop evidence-based solutions that will empower this change in your organization.
  • Mobility Management – Planning an individual or mass movement of corporate resources? We can assist you with all the intricacies that can complicate such a move.

Mobility Management

  • Based on over 30 years experience of working with transferring families, Daniel Bloom & Associates can help your organization with this critical part of your human resource strategic initiatives.

Value Proposition:

Daniel Bloom & Associates, Inc. assists with the transformation from traditional to transformational and strategic HR.