Rich Hahn

Richard Hahn

Colombia: Marketing, Business Development

Richard Hahn is a highly accomplished, goal-drive creative thinker that can lead your business to the cutting edge of company branding as well as product and service introductions in new and current markets in both North and South America. He has helped guide the businesses by evaluating current marketing and sales performance and looking for places for improvement by identifying opportunities, and by building and maintaining long-term relationships with business partners and allies. He has built a client base consisting of many large players as well as smaller companies and start-ups. Based in Bogota, Colombia but working within both continents, he is fluent in Spanish, and has given conferences on marketing, public relations and corporate social responsibility.


  • 30+ years of experience
  • Provided strategy and branding for both startups and larger, established companies
  • Helped introduce and rebrand new and current products in the US and Latin America
  • Designed creative websites, brochures, logos and other marketing materials
  • Has written press releases and case studies as well as helped prepare company executives for media interviews
  • Innovative speaker on marketing, PR and corporate social responsibility in English and Spanish
  • Authored and ghostwrote a variety of articles for publication and internal company use

Areas of Specialty