Pete Harren

Pete Harren

USA: Global Supply Chain/Logistics

Pete Harren is a highly accomplished, goal driven, supply chain, logistics, management executive with extensive global trade and negotiations experience in P&L, project, and logistics management. Pete leverages corporate and economic data analysis and further thinking skills to drive effective practices, maintain long term corporate growth achievements, deliver customer expectations, promote product and service markets, and establish financial profit related growth policies. A results oriented and dedicated producer and collaborator who reduces operating costs, enhance growth for associates, grows revenue and profits through new/revised modes of operation, logistical initiatives, and stronger, robust supply chain improvements.


  • 40 years of experience
  • VP, Principal, Director
  • Highly accomplished leading all levels, VP to rank-and-file
  • M&A key player and leader of business transformations
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Chemical Responsibility Care
  • Supply Chain Certified
  • Wide logistical and distribution coverage
  • Global trade negotiations and management
  • Large group leadership
  • Championing solutions on supply chain disruptions

Areas of Specialty