Mary Litteral

Mary Litteral

USA: Error Proofing Master

Mary Litteral is an innovative trainer, coach and mentor with over 25 years of experience in the automotive industry. She has taught over 50 technical subjects, many of her courses are one of a kind and can drive your organization through step function improvements. She is a recognized expert in preventive error proofing for zero defect quality. Her copyrighted methodology and scoring system have been implemented at numerous Fortune 500 automotive suppliers. Her engineering and quality expertise result from leading over 200 improvement workshops and game-changing initiatives on a global scale. Her manufacturing, product and process knowledge enable hands-on problem solving and issue resolution across hundreds of manufacturing processes and technologies.


  • 25+ years of automotive industry experience
  • Expert trainer and improvement workshop leader
  • Taught over 50 technical subjects as well as many business processes
  • Taught multiple problem solving methodologies and tools
  • Master of Error Proofing
  • Trained and mentored over 7500 engineers, managers and associates
  • Led over 200 improvement workshops
  • Expertise in 3rd part audit preparation and support
  • Author of many articles, seminar presentations and training packages

Areas of Specialty