Chuck Nemer

Chuck Nemer

USA: Supply Chain Management Expert

Chuck Nemer is a progressive trainer/consultant with 40 years of experience in Supply Chain Management, Lean, Leadership, and APICS. He teaches Supply Chain Strategy at an urban based university in Minnesota, is active both locally and nationally in his ASCM/APICS professional society, in the areas of instructor development and curriculum development. Lastly, Chuck is an educational support associate to universities utilizing The Fresh Connection and The Cool Connection supply chain simulations within the classroom. As a supply chain management expert, Chuck provides world-class training for corporations seeking supply chain training to better prepare for and improve their supply chain performance. As a result of Chuck’s companies achieve the supply chain knowledge necessary to improve the competitiveness and effectiveness of their supply chain with confidence and trust.


  • 40 years of experience
  • Collaborative and Interactive
  • Experienced in all phases of a Supply Chain
  • Formally trained and experienced in Leadership

Areas of Specialty